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మట్టిముద్ద, గడ్డ కట్టిన రక్తం, రక్త కణాలు
Clump :
- మట్టిముద్దclumpedఉండలుతోపులుclumpy

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Noun(1) a grouping of a number of similar things(2) a compact mass(3) a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects
Verb(1) make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground(2) come together as in a cluster or flock(3) walk clumsily(4) gather or cause to gather into a cluster

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(1) But tiny particles tend to clump together in the air and then fall to the ground, so they need to be treated with a chemical to prevent that and keep them airborne.(2) the particles tend to clump together(3) The pus tends to clump together on the lashes, making them stick together.(4) When a predator appears, older members of the herd emit intense warning calls that prompt the rest of the herd to clump together for protection and then flee the scene.(5) A clump of palm trees ringed by white sand in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, it's a treasure map come to life.(6) For some reason, I had always visualised my readership as a clump of four or five people, clustered behind me as I typed, and straining to look at the screen.(7) Then she walked downhill until she found a place to spend the night - a clump of juniper trees on a narrow ledge. - -(8) The mutant protein in each of these conditions is prone to clump together, forming aggregates, which appear to damage brain tissue.(9) His eyes scanned the muddy riverbank until he found what he was looking for: a large stick tangled in a clump of weeds.(10) A lovely brook passed through the trees, and a clump of water lilies waved at them in the breeze.(11) But domesticated grazers - with men guarding them and killing their predators - have no reason to clump together.(12) a clump of ferns(13) Oil causes waterbirds' feathers to clump together, which exposes the animals to cold temperatures.(14) Fresh new leaves will soon begin to grow and form a clump of foliage for the rest of the summer.(15) I swing my arms to propel myself out of a clump of these strange water plants.(16) The nodules can clump together in lumps as big as a fist, mostly on limbs and trunk.
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Different Forms
clump, clumped, clumping, clumps, clumpy
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