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రూపం లేకుండా చేయు, విరూపం చేయు
Deform :
- విరూపణరూపంనువైకల్యంతోdeformingచెంది

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Verb(1) make formless(2) twist and press out of shape(3) cause (a plastic object(4) become misshapen(5) alter the shape of (something(6) assume a different shape or form

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(1) So, anything that serves to deform the shape of the Earth will affect the speed with which it spins.(2) Brass is able to deform slightly, hence a good bit of tightening causes the ferule to seal nicely against the pipe.(3) However, when armor was hit on a particular spot, just above the energy core, the pressure would cause the plate to deform slightly.(4) Due to the resilience of the epoxy over Portland cement, the epoxy will deform slightly under point or line loading.(5) If a material can be deformed under stress but will not return to its original shape or dimension it is not elastic.(6) Mary's face is deformed , and she is thought to be brain damaged.(7) That is, the protein remains in the solid state when deformed against a rigid surface.(8) His personality was horribly deformed ; his crimes were unforgivable.(9) I can just about remember him, including the fact that his ear was deformed .(10) Six airbags, state of the art four-wheel anti-lock brakes, and deformable roof lining all work to protect cabin occupants.(11) He started drawing as a small boy during long spells in hospital to correct deformed feet.(12) This surprising finding is based on the measurement of a cell's ability to resist when deformed .(13) His face was jagged and scarred, his features aged and ugly, deformed over many years of struggle.(14) Corns can also develop due to deformed toes such as hammer or claw toes.(15) It also deforms the shape of the red blood cell enough that it's destroyed by the body, thus the anemia.(16) The bed's mattress deformed under the large weight, but the blackness covering the figure did not change.
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Different Forms
deform, deformation, deformations, deformed, deforming, deforms
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