English to Telugu Meaning :: fibula

బహిర్జంఘాస్ధి, జానుక
Fibula :
కాలి చీలమండల
- కాలి చీలమండల

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Noun(1) the outer and thinner of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle

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(1) David is shown as a young, beardless figure with short, dark hair, clad in a purple chlamys, fastened at the shoulder (though no fibula is represented), beneath which a white and golden yellow garment can be seen.(2) Both the radius and ulna (forearm bones), and the tibia and fibula (shank bones), are fused to each other.(3) It can be seen in the soldiers surrounding Theodosius on his missorium, and in the shield and spear held by Stilicho, the sword at his side and the great military fibula on his shoulder, all portrayed in detail on his diptych.(4) The procedure involved the extraction of the lower jaw and its substitution by a bone transplant from the fibula of the patient.(5) Chris, son of former Clarets manager and striker Frank, suffered a broken fibula , tibia and cruciate and ankle ligament damage.(6) The lower end of the femur articulates at the knee joint with the tibia (shin bone); the fibula lies beside the tibia on the outer side of the lower leg.(7) Common sites are the tibia, fibula , metatarsals, lumbar spine (pars interarticularis), and the hip (proximal femur).(8) The distal end of the fibula, as in all carnivores, has a lateral fibular process separating the tendon of fibularis (= peroneus) longus from that of fibularis brevis.(9) Stress fractures in our study, except for one involving the lumbar spine, were located in the tibial, fibular , metatarsal, and navicular bones.(10) The branches of the posterior tibial artery are the fibular circumflex branch, peroneal, tibial nutrient, communicating posterior medial malleolar, and the medial calcaneal.(11) As Sarah Pomeroy has noted, Spartan women always had a weapon to hand since, when they wore clothes, they favoured an old-fashioned heavy peplos which needed to be fastened at the shoulders with sharp fibulae .(12) The fibular collateral ligament is a strong round cord, about 5 cm long, attached proximally to a tubercle on the lateral epicondyle of the femur, just proximal and posterior to a groove from which the popliteus muscle arises.(13) Medially the fibular facet doubles in width, becomes slightly concave with a smoothly rounded, raised margin, and faces principally dorsolaterally but also slightly proximally.
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1. calf bone ::
దూడ ఎముక
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