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ఉడుత, ఉత్తర అమెరికాలో కనిపించే నేలపై ప్రాకే ఉడుత
Gopher :
- గోఫర్గోఫేర్స్

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Noun(1) a zealously energetic person (especially a salesman(2) a native or resident of Minnesota(3) any of various terrestrial burrowing rodents of Old and New Worlds; often destroy crops(4) burrowing rodent of the family Geomyidae having large external cheek pouches; of Central America and southwestern North America(5) burrowing edible land tortoise of southeastern North America

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(1) I spent quite a while exploring gopher servers in my first couple of years online, before it became clear that the World Wide Web was so much better at presenting the same sort of information in a format non-techies could grasp.(2) First, it is likely that the bag fragment was carried underground by a squirrel, gopher or other burrowing rodent.(3) A single pocket gopher may exist within an extensive system of feeding tunnels and chambers.(4) In addition, the older gopher content and other non-Web files are unavailable.(5) Surrounding habitats with gopher tortoise burrows have likewise been lost to development and land use changes.(6) Thus, mima mounds, an often debated feature of prairie grasslands, are sometimes created by gopher burrowing; and many organisms dwelling on rocky coasts create their own micro-landforms in the form of burrows in which they then live.(7) Pocket gophers, gopher tortoises , ants, badgers, prairie dogs, wild pigs, and grizzly bears are just a few of the animals that can alter ecological structure and function.(8) Deer, cottontail rabbits, voles (field mice) and pocket gophers are some of the most common species that damage trees in Nebraska.(9) What most people call gophers are either 13-lined ground squirrels, Spermophilus tridecemlineatus, or a Richardson's ground squirrel, Spermophilus richardsonii, and not a true pocket gopher.(10) Curious about the burrows she saw on a trail ride, Dawn investigated the habitat of a Florida neighbor - the gopher tortoise .(11) Aaron's farm has few drainage problems, but his land, like most gardens in his area, teems with ravenous gophers who seem to crave garlic as avidly as any gourmand.(12) To discourage voles or gophers , add a handful of sharp gravel to the planting hole or plant bulbs in wire or fabric baskets.(13) Through the efforts at Collier's Reserve, there are now 200 identified species of birds on site and a growing population of rare gopher tortoises .(14) A Gopher site was initially put into place in 1993, and then replaced in 1994 by a Web site.(15) It spends most of the year underground, often using the burrows of the threatened gopher tortoise .(16) Rodenticides control rats, mice, gophers , and other rodent pests of human habitation and agriculture.
Related Words
(1) gopher ::
1. gopher tortoise ::
గోఫర్ టార్టాయిస్
Different Forms
gopher, gophers
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