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ఒక బావాన్ని తెలిపే అక్షరము, ఇడియెగ్రఫ్
Ideograph :
- ఇడియోగ్రాఫ్భావసంకేతాలు

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Noun(1) a graphic character that indicates the meaning of a thing without indicating the sounds used to say it

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(1) Object-naming tasks employ pictures, and kanji characters are ideographic and sometimes pictorial in nature.(2) The Bronze Age engravings in this region are symbolic pictograms, without any attempt at realism; there is also no indication that they should be evaluated as hieroglyphs or ideographs .(3) Then ten years of school for learning the first thousand Chinese kanji ideographs , with thousands more to go.(4) Their system was an integrated technology of stylus, clay, and cuneiform that was at first pictographic and became in due course ideographic and syllabographic.(5) Kanji characters, on the other hand, are ideographic , and often have several pronunciations and multiple meanings.(6) The sad truth is that even chimpanzees and rats can learn to read simple ideographic language.(7) Later to create more words, symbols were added to pictographs to form ideographs .(8) Some pictographs were used as ideographs because they have different semantic meanings.(9) In traditional ideography , each of these has a distinct character.(10) In Afrikan Alphabets, the author introduces a number of ideographs , pictographs and scripts devised and designed by Africans to express and represent a voice sound, a word, or an idea.(11) There was no resemblance to the Greek alphabet English utilises; more like a coalition of Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese ideography .(12) Ancient Egyptians developed a pictographic and ideographic writing system known as hieroglyphics.
1. ideogram ::
గ్రాఫిక్ అక్షరంలా
Different Forms
ideograph, ideographs
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