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లోపము కలిగిన, సమగ్ర రూపం ఏర్పడని
Imperfect :
- అసంపూర్ణఅసంపూర్ణంగాimperfectnessImperfects

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Noun(1) a tense of verbs used in describing action that is on-going
Adjective(1) not perfect; defective or inadequate(2) wanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings

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(1) It makes no sense in a machine world to limit the functionality of perfect components so that imperfect components don't wear out or break - certainly not if you can replace them.(2) He or she can resort to autobiographies and biographies - some positive, others negative, and all imperfect in one way or another.(3) It's imperfect in the way that all low-budget features are.(4) And, as everyone knows, those who are imperfect must be punished mercilessly.(5) Another oft-stated rule was that a perfect 5th, unison, or octave should be approached by the nearest imperfect interval.(6) The donor, having by then changed his mind, declines to perfect the imperfect gift in favour of the intended donee.(7) But an imperfect cadence leaves the listener expecting resolution, which duly comes.(8) However, gravitational lenses are imperfect because the rays that pass closest to the lensing mass are deflected more than rays passing further away.(9) He is here following Socrates' method of the elenchus, where you propose a definition, but then throw it away if it is shown to be in some way imperfect .(10) Most believers are imperfect in one way or another.(11) It's tough trying to be perfect in an imperfect world.(12) It's messy and imperfect because we are both of those things.(13) Cutting loose from the unsung genius is, however, his only chance at real fulfillment, real love, real mastery, transient and imperfect as they are.(14) For once, the concept was great but the execution imperfect .(15) It is wise to recognize we are all imperfect in some way.(16) Gee, was that an imperfect tense or an indicative?
Related Words
(1) imperfect tense ::
అసంపూర్ణ కాలం
1. faulty ::
2. incomplete ::
3. broken ::
4. weak ::
5. imperfect tense ::
అసంపూర్ణ కాలం
1. impeccable ::
2. perfect ::
Different Forms
imperfect, imperfectly, imperfectness, imperfects
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