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మొద్దుబారిన, ఇంద్రియజ్ఞానంలేని
Insensitive :
- స్పందించనిinsensitively

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Adjective(1) not responsive to physical stimuli(2) deficient in human sensibility; not mentally or morally sensitive

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(1) We should point out that Rosenberger is by no means insensitive to the responsibilities of those dishing out satire and ridicule.(2) Many meat processors in the state feel that the USDA inspection service is inflexible and insensitive to their needs.(3) The characters are often insensitive and cruel.(4) Prepare your child for insensitive questions or uncaring remarks that may come from adults when the SEA results are out.(5) A number of other biochemical variables either remained insensitive to lead exposure or responded moderately to chelation treatment.(6) The followers we studied that hyperpolarize in response to HA and show increasing membrane conductance are insensitive to NO.(7) I don't want the ability to be harsh or insensitive just to shock my readers.(8) Male or female, they can be insensitive , callous, immature, selfish, proud (without base), and chauvinistic.(9) Diploid clones insensitive to rotenone and sensitive to antimycin A + myxothiazol were selected.(10) It's tempting to take this study as justification for any overreactions we women may have had to insensitive remarks.(11) Well, if he is two-faced, self-centred, plausibly insincere, manipulative and insensitive  be concerned.(12) Hygge and colleagues also found that noise-exposed children are relatively insensitive to speech, even though their hearing is unimpaired.(13) The chilling and insensitive arrogance of this remark is breathtaking.(14) Those exercising political power were not insensitive to certain features of the new thought.(15) Tourists intent on bartering can be hugely insensitive to the fact that the locals they are hammering down to a bargain price may be incredibly poor and the sums involved shamefully petty by our standards.(16) Estimation of the length for photoperiodically sensitive and insensitive phases of each genotype on the basis of equation involves an iterative regression procedure.
Related Words
(1) insensitive ::
1. heartless ::
2. unfeeling ::
స్పందన లేని
3. inconsiderate ::
4. thoughtless ::
ఆలోచన లేని
5. thick-skinned ::
మందపాటి చర్మం
6. hard-hearted ::
హార్డ్ hearted
7. cold-blooded ::
8. uncaring ::
అంత పట్టింపు లేనట్టుగా
9. unconcerned ::
కానీ పట్టించుకోవు
10. unsympathetic ::
జాలి లేకుండా
11. unkind ::
12. callous ::
13. cruel ::
14. merciless ::
15. pitiless ::
1. charitable ::
2. humane ::
3. kindly ::
4. merciful ::
5. sensitive ::
6. sympathetic ::
7. tender ::
8. warm ::
Different Forms
insensitive, insensitively
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