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అంతర్గతమైన, సంస్థ సభ్యులకు సంభందించిన
Internal :
- అంతర్గతఅంతర్గతఅంతర్గతీకరించేఅంతర్గతంగాఅంతర్గత

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Adjective(1) happening or arising or located within some limits or especially surface(2) occurring within an institution or community(3) inside the country(4) located inward(5) innermost or essential

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(1) internal bleeding(2) UN agencies have to balance universal human rights with the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of member states.(3) It's times when I feel myself really start to get down that I know I need to read a book and get my mind off the internal conflict.(4) It is best suited to businesses that need the special capabilities of an internal digital telephone system.(5) For Smith, then, nature becomes internal to capitalism in such a way that the very distinction implied by using these terms is eroded and undermined.(6) Some works are so broad in scope, so inclusive, even of contradictions internal to themselves, that they can be used to justify almost anything.(7) Our observation may be employed either about external sensible objects, or about the internal operations of our minds.(8) The sources of behavior are external (in the environment), not internal (in the mind).(9) The external and internal dividing walls are the only substantial structural elements remaining in the fire damaged section of the building.(10) A peptic ulcer is a sore in the lining of your stomach or small intestine. Left untreated, a peptic ulcer can cause internal bleeding.(11) Decolonization was nearly complete so most insurgencies were internal struggles rather than wars of national liberation.(12) People who are aware of their internal body state apparently experience more anxiety and other negative emotions in daily life.(13) This is where I personally so often experience an internal tension.(14) Here you have it neat and vibrantly loud - and confected from concepts internal to the celluloid world.(15) In natural beauty, the beauty is external to the thought; in art the beauty is internal to the work.(16) They embody movement and the movement seems to be as much internal to the landscape as in the animals.
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Different Forms
internal, internalization, internalize, internalizes, internally, internals
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