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Lighter :
- తేలికైనలైటర్లు

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Noun(1) a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire(2) a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires(3) a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals
Verb(1) transport in a flatbottom boat
Adjective(1) of comparatively little physical weight or density(2) (used of color(3) of the military or industry; using (or being(4) not great in degree or quantity or number(5) psychologically light; especially free from sadness or troubles(6) characterized by or emitting light(7) (used of vowels or syllables(8) easily assimilated in the alimentary canal; not rich or heavily seasoned(9) (used of soil(10) (of sound or color(11) moving easily and quickly; nimble(12) demanding little effort; not burdensome(13) of little intensity or power or force(14) (physics, chemistry(15) weak and likely to lose consciousness(16) very thin and insubstantial
Adverb(1) with few burdens

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(1) At first he was completely against the device, which is powered by the car battery and plugs into the cigarette lighter .(2) It is believed a flame from a cigarette lighter ignited oxygen at the man's bedside.(3) he lit a cigarette with his gold lighter(4) Then gently warm the metal sleeve with a small flame from a cigarette lighter and pull the ring off using a pair of pliers.(5) Plastic toys, cigarette lighters , and derelict fishing gear smother the coral reefs and litter the island shores.(6) He found two discarded syringes, used lighters and cigarette papers at the foot of a tree near seats at the reservoir.(7) They may have owned and operated lighters to transport goods from their private wharves to ships anchored in the bay of Smyrna and vice versa.(8) 79 Even given that ships could and would use the quay and harbour, why should it cost more than carrying goods ashore in lighters ?(9) They made a good search of the place and made off with the till, fruit machine, cash plus cigarettes, cigars and lighters .(10) Boats of various shapes and sizes were built, yachts, smaller sailing craft, yawls, lighters for transporting sand and gravel, punts, racing gigs and even speedboats in the late 1930's.(11) Before the docks were built lightermen ferried goods from ships in midstream to the river quays.(12) Besides the various tobacco products, all sorts of implements from tobacco pipes, lighters and ashtray to tobacco cases and machines can be found in this diverse and impressive collection.(13) Ten cigarette lighters , fitted with transmitter similar to the ones strapped to scientifically-interesting wildlife, were dropped off around Limerick and their journeys traced.(14) The lightermen live on as the masters of the waste disposal vessels and dredgers you see on the Thames today.(15) They provide an interface between strategic sealift ships and lighters, and between the lighters and the beach or underdeveloped ports.(16) He saw one of the dockyard's lighters making its way across the water.
Related Words
(1) light ::
3. bright ::
4. light-colored ::
లేత రంగు
5. fair ::
6. easy to lift ::
ఎత్తివేసేందుకు సులభం
7. flimsy ::
8. nimble ::
9. friable ::
10. small ::
11. easy ::
12. gentle ::
13. entertaining ::
14. carefree ::
15. unimportant ::
16. dizzy ::
17. idle ::
18. clear ::
19. short ::
21. lite ::
22. abstemious ::
ఆహార పానీయాలలో మితంగా
25. weak ::
26. wakeful ::
Different Forms
lighter, lighters
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