English to Telugu Meaning :: mollify

శాంతపరచు, తృప్తి పరచు
Mollify :
తృప్తి పరచు
- తృప్తి పరచుmollifiesశాంతపరచే

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Verb(1) cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of(2) make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else(3) make less rigid or softer

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(1) She then gave me a cute, shy little smile, completely unaware that her doing that alone was enough to mollify me.(2) The OED records uses of supple as a transitive verb, meaning ÔÇÿto soften or mollify a wound,ÔÇÖ from 1526 to 1688.(3) There are serious flaws to the agreement that prevent it from being anything more than a feel-good measure designed to mollify the Green Party.(4) Part of the aim was to contain worthy claims being made by popular movements, to mollify demands for bread and votes with food for the spirit.(5) Her mother called in tears, and now Anna feels that she has to travel to Davis to mollify her.(6) Brown was ready to mollify the union leaders, with whom he has a long and close association, with a pledge to continue the debate on the issue.(7) Domestic space functions in a similar fashion in East and West - it is a concession granted to the worker/consumer to mollify exploitation.(8) Even when accepted by the establishment, any artist worth his/her salt can't mollify normative ideas, for to do so makes art invisible.(9) It was a so-so show - certainly not enough to mollify the effects of standing in a freezing queue for 40 minutes.(10) Rather than opposing free trade, they're trying to mollify its effects and work out how we can live with it.(11) nature reserves were set up around the power stations to mollify local conservationists(12) We'll probably just see a bunch of cosmetic amendments to mollify the rebels.(13) Together, they were able to mollify workers and quietly implement the destruction of thousands of jobs.(14) He has a remarkable ability to grasp sports politics and to mollify fury; he did so last year when his position was under attack, and came out smiling.(15) ÔÇÿShe's right Chris, don't look so put out, ÔÇÖBetty said, attempting to mollify Chris.(16) This need to construct and utilise language in such a way that it cannot be taken as offensiveÔǪ well, I really never understood the need to mollify language.
1. appease ::
2. allay ::
3. gentle ::
4. season ::
1. anger ::
2. enrage ::
3. incense ::
4. infuriate ::
అమితమైన ఆగ్రహం
5. ire ::
6. madden ::
7. outrage ::
Different Forms
mollifies, mollify, mollifying
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