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శారీరకమైన, ప్రకృతి సంబంధమైన
Physical :
- భౌతికభౌతిక శాస్త్రయేతర అంశాలుభౌతికత్వంభౌతికంగాphysicals

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Adjective(1) involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit(2) relating to the sciences dealing with matter and energy; especially physics(3) having substance or material existence; perceptible to the senses(4) according with material things or natural laws (other than those peculiar to living matter(5) characterized by energetic bodily activity(6) impelled by physical force especially against resistance(7) concerned with material things

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(1) Today we understand most of these things in terms of physical forces acting under impersonal laws.(2) Abuse of a child can mean physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse.(3) physical abuse(4) Recently, Shari had a physical which including ultrasonic testing of her abdomen to determine the cause of pain.(5) When I say this, what I express is not my wish for a pure poetry, but a concrete, physical attitude.(6) He was distracted from his blindness, he says, by the deluge of mental and physical challenges coming his way.(7) Sexual and physical assault is still a common problem seen day today in our hospitals.(8) They are vulnerable to physical assault, sexual harassment, and rape, and their experiences and fears have tended not to be taken seriously.(9) Many drop out of school and many are prey to sexual and physical abuse, neglect and substance abuse.(10) Another issue, in design writing at least, is that online writing is separated from a tangible physical object.(11) she has a physical disability(12) My desire is to bring the viewer out of the gallery space and into the actual physical environment of the lakebed.(13) A complicated strategy underlies the thrusts and parries of a duel - making it both a mental and physical challenge.(14) The Short Form Health Survey was designed to measure perceived current physical health.(15) Feynman's work is filled with the sort of raw physical insight that physicists love and admire.(16) The cycle needs to be broken - youths need to know abuse is wrong before sexual and physical assaults stop.
Related Words
(1) physical education ::
భౌతిక విద్య
1. bodily ::
2. manual ::
3. material ::
4. strong-arm ::
బలమైన ఆర్మ్
Different Forms
nonphysical, physical, physicality, physically, physicals
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