English to Telugu Meaning :: squint

ఓర కంటితో చూచు, మెల్లకంటితో చూచు
Squint :
- మెల్లకన్నుsquintedsquintersquintestsquinting

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Noun(1) abnormal alignment of one or both eyes(2) the act of squinting; looking with the eyes partly closed
Verb(1) cross one's eyes as if in strabismus(2) be cross-eyed; have a squint or strabismus(3) partly close one's eyes, as when hit by direct blinding light
Adjective(1) (used especially of glances

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(1) The most important cause of squint is a focusing error in which the lens system of the eye is not strong enough to bring the image to focus on the retina (hypermetropia).(2) Long-sighted children with a squint need to be monitored carefully to avoid a lazy eye developing.(3) I had a bad squint(4) The squint in the title of the play at Chelsea Theatre, is mainly one of those narrow slots in a wall in mediaeval churches where people excluded from the service can watch the Mass.(5) Melanie did not squint(6) One eye has been practically useless all his life and he has a squint in the other.(7) After a light roughing up and a long squint at our papers they seemed satisfied that we didn't represent an imminent threat to national security.(8) As well as checking that vision and hearing are normal for the age of the child, they look for any treatable conditions that make it difficult to hear or see, such as glue ear or a squint .(9) If you load up 10 weblogs at random and squint your eyes at the screen, they all look about the same.(10) The squint gave a view of the altar to parishioners sitting in the lost north transept.(11) If corrective spectacles are not worn this convergent squint may become permanent.(12) A quick squint in my mirror and I can just make out a Caterham hurtling up behind me.(13) The precipitating cause of a child with normal, though fragile, binocular function developing a squint has often been considered to be a systemic illness.(14) And a quick squint at his press clippings suggests that the way he earns his living is indeed scandalous.(15) If the condition is caused by another problem such as a squint or a cataract, surgery may be needed.(16) I thought I might go back when he started school but then he needed me for writing and he had a squint , which meant hospital appointments and treatment.
Related Words
(1) squint-eyed ::
మూసుకుపోయిన కళ్ళు
2. look ::
3. cross-eyes ::
క్రాస్ కళ్ళు
4. strabismus ::
5. screw up one's eyes ::
ఒకరి కళ్ళను అప్ మేకు
6. be cross-eyed ::
క్రాస్ దృష్టిగల ఉంటుంది
7. squinch ::
Different Forms
squint, squinted, squinter, squintest, squinting, squints
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