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ఏనుగు దంతము, అడవి పందిలాంటి జంతువులకు బయటకు వచ్చిన కోర పన్ను
Tusk :
- దంతంకొమ్ములుండేదంతాలు

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Noun(1) a hard smooth ivory colored dentine that makes up most of the tusks of elephants and walruses(2) a long pointed tooth specialized for fighting or digging; especially in an elephant or walrus or hog
Verb(1) stab or pierce with a horn or tusk(2) remove the tusks of animals

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(1) Science shed little light on the narwhal tusk , however, and its purpose remained elusive.(2) a tusk tenon joint(3) Sculpture and carving on bone and walrus tusk are the most highly developed forms of folk art among the Chukchi.(4) And there on a shelf, he noticed an elephant's ivory tusk .(5) She gingerly brought her fingertips to the place on her side where the boar's tusk had gouged her.(6) The tusk and several teeth of a Deinotherium giganteum, a distant relative of today's elephant and one of the largest mammals ever on Earth, were discovered on the Greek island Crete.(7) Elephants also carry the tusks and bones of their departed kin great distances and may even try to cover them with dirt or leaves.(8) Several possible explanations for the presence of two forms, tusked and tuskless, exist: the fossils could be of different species; different ages within a species; or the same species, opposite sexes.(9) In the 1970s men of rank travelled regularly as far as Santo to obtain tusked boars for their rituals although since Independence in 1980, there has been a resurgence of home-bred tusked boars.(10) Mammoth tusks grow a little bit every day.(11) Males are often bigger, more muscular, and have built-in weaponry - tusks , antlers, horns, spines, bigger teeth, or skulls built for butting.(12) The tusked narwhal, white beluga whales and elusive bowhead whale all live off the northern part of this island.(13) In flights over the park, Fraser and Kes Smith have found huge numbers of elephants killed for their tusks , at times with wounded and bewildered babies standing next to their slaughtered mothers.(14) In the 1980s their numbers dipped to dangerously low levels due to ivory poaching, but an effort to bring back the tusked mammal has had considerable success.(15) No meat had been taken, only the rhino horns and elephant tusks .(16) Because poachers had obviously selected individuals for their tusks, the percentage of the elephants remaining without tusks had greatly increased.
Related Words
(1) elephant tusk ::
ఏనుగు దంతం
1. ivory ::
2. horn ::
Different Forms
tusk, tusked, tusks
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