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గందరగోళం, పరధ్యానంలో, అసహనం, తోచకుండా, pixilated, తికమకపెట్టే, స్టుపిడ్, అమాయకులకు, భంగపడ్డ, డిజ్జి, vertiginous, woozy

Bemused    :తోచకుండా


Bemused - తోచకుండా

Bemusedly :: bemusedly

Related Words

1. bemuse :: తోచకుండా


1. bewildered :: తికమకపెట్టే

2. confused :: గందరగోళం

3. puzzled ::

4. perplexed :: కలవరపడ్డాడు

5. baffled :: అడ్డుపడిన

6. mystified ::

7. nonplussed ::

8. muddled ::

9. befuddled :: befuddled

10. dumbfounded ::

11. at sea :: సముద్రంలో

12. at a loss :: నష్టానికి

13. taken aback :: వెనక్కు తీసుకొను

14. disoriented ::

15. disconcerted ::

16. flummoxed :: flummoxed

17. bamboozled :: bamboozled

18. clueless :: క్లూలెస్

19. fazed ::

20. discombobulated ::


21. throw :: త్రో

22. bewilder :: ఆందోళనకి గురి

23. discombobulate :: discombobulate

Different forms

bemused, bemusedly

English to Telugu Dictionary: bemused
Meaning and definitions of bemused, translation in Telugu language for bemused with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of bemused in Telugu and in English language.

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What bemused means in Telugu, bemused meaning in Telugu, bemused definition, examples and pronunciation of bemused in Telugu language.

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