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భోజనాల గది, ఫలహారపు
ఫలహారపు, కాఫీ గది, హాల్

Refectory    :ఫలహారపు


Refectory - ఫలహారపు

Refectories :: refectories


Related Words


1. Dinig-hall ::

2. dining-room :: భోజనాల గది

3. refectory :: ఫలహారపు

4. coffee room :: కాఫీ గది

5. hall :: హాల్

Different forms

refectories, refectory

English to Telugu Dictionary: refectory
Meaning and definitions of refectory, translation in Telugu language for refectory with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of refectory in Telugu and in English language.

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What refectory means in Telugu, refectory meaning in Telugu, refectory definition, examples and pronunciation of refectory in Telugu language.

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