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స్పెక్ట్రోస్కోపీ, స్పెక్ట్రోస్కోప్

Spectroscope    :స్పెక్ట్రోస్కోప్


Spectroscope - స్పెక్ట్రోస్కోప్

Spectroscopes :: స్పెక్ట్రోస్కోప్లతో


Related Words


1. spectroscope :: స్పెక్ట్రోస్కోప్

2. spectroscopy :: స్పెక్ట్రోస్కోపీ

Different forms

spectroscope, spectroscopes

English to Telugu Dictionary: spectroscope
Meaning and definitions of spectroscope, translation in Telugu language for spectroscope with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of spectroscope in Telugu and in English language.

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What spectroscope means in Telugu, spectroscope meaning in Telugu, spectroscope definition, examples and pronunciation of spectroscope in Telugu language.

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