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1. machine (యంత్రం) :: Twenty million people there face having their lives homes and families blasted to smithereens by the most powerful military machine in the world
2. machinery (యంత్రాలు) :: The water diverted from the mainstream ends up turning a mill wheel setting other machinery in motion
3. mad (పిచ్చి) :: His eyes gleamed in the dark round face mad with despair
4. magazine (పత్రిక) :: Feeding of cartridges from magazine to chamber was smooth and required little effort
5. magic (మేజిక్) :: And that is pretty much the story of the whole album moments of supreme artrock magic undermined by a lack of direction focus and clarity
6. mail (మెయిల్) :: Looking at the mess on the desk he noticed todays mail
7. main (ప్రధాన) :: Pdraig is the main character
8. mainly (ప్రధానంగా) :: they mainly go home for the weekend
9. maintain (నిర్వహించడానికి) :: Neither side has the time or interest to maintain roads and buildings
10. major (ప్రధాన) :: This important book is a major contribution to an understanding of British politics and the way it developed
11. majority (మెజారిటీ) :: it was a majority decision
12. make (తయారు) :: I wish it were as light and soft as it looks then it would make a really interesting new kind of mattress
13. make-up (తయారు- up) ::
14. male (పురుషుడు) :: This audio cable with male connectors on each end is used with ISDN primary rate interfaces
15. mall (మాల్) :: It just so happened that FYE was one of my favorite stores in the mall
16. man (మనిషి) :: they man the lifeboat
17. manage (నిర్వహించడానికి) :: Adaptive Venture Managers was created in 1995 to invest in and manage small businesses with new product ideas
18. management (నిర్వహణ) :: The Commission was given direct management responsibility in a number of areas
19. manager (నిర్వాహకుడు) :: The input manager operates between a device driver and a player application program
20. manner (పద్ధతిలో) :: In a gruesome act of fate the star famed for that role met her untimely death in a similar manner but by accident on December 8 1971

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