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1. Waffle (ఊక దంపుడు) :: Or maybe that sounds incredibly pretentious and I just waffle
2. Waft (గాలిలో నీటిలో తేలిపోవు) :: Kai the mouthwateringly fresh gardeniabased floral has the delicate waft of a summer breeze
4. Waive (వదులుకోవాలి) :: His attorney has said that he waived that right to confidentiality more than a year ago
5. Wane (క్షీణిస్తున్నట్లు) :: Interest had waned over time although expectations were high that the site cleanup might reawaken it
6. Wary (జాగ్రత్తగా) :: How often have those five simple words struck terror into the heart of the wary viewer
7. Wax (మైనపు) :: He experimented by exposing paraffin wax to crushed Salvia leaves and found the solid wax readily adsorbed the volatile terpenes from the air
8. Waylay (కొద్ది మొత్తము) :: One good lady a prominent member of the Church of Scotland waylaid me in the street and gave me a big hug saying she had never before hugged a Catholic priest
9. Weighty (బరువైన) :: Comparatively speaking handheld devices are delicate weighty and bulky due to the glass screens
12. Whimsical (విచిత్రమైన) :: The ceiling is hung with lamps of every shape and size from glass floats tied with rope to whimsical creations made of seashells

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