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1. Argument (వాదన) :: to lose an argument
2. Carib (కేరిబ్) ::
3. Chinese (చైనీస్) ::
4. Coherent (పొందికైన) :: For example I doubt that I possess a single coherent theory of law
5. Coinage (నాణేల) :: It is possible as Richard Brickstock of Durham University has suggested that the civilian population of the area hoarded small coinage to buy gold against a future requirement to pay taxes in gold
6. Elide (లోపించు) :: The siege in the title refers to the way in which standardization elides the individual speaking mouths and the full resonance of their sounds in favor of convenience
7. Elision (లోపం) :: He puts sequences together classically with no elisions
8. Filipino (ఫిలిపినో) ::
9. Gender (లింగ) :: traditional concepts of gender
10. Greek (గ్రీకు) ::
11. Hash (హాష్) :: Maybe you two should be hashing your problems out in counseling instead of driveby ambushing an innocent bystander
12. Infinitive (తుమర్థం) :: Participles dangle metaphors are not only extended but mixed infinitives are split and ambiguous pronouns abound
13. Maori (మయోరి) ::
14. Marathi (మరాఠీ) ::
15. Number (సంఖ్య) :: the company is seeking to increase the number of women on its staff
16. Pun (పన్) :: Alexander Witt who has directed this film is a competent second unit director and delivers what is expected of him absolutely braindead stuff forgive the obnoxious pun
17. Punctuate (అవరోధం) :: For example Proust especially from Sodom and Gomorrah on does some awfully odd things in marking and punctuating his dialogues so that sometimes it isnt at all clear whos speaking
18. Punctuation (విరామ) :: In viewing this question from the perspective of hierarchy theory one can find obvious parallels with the debate surrounding gradualistic versus punctuational models of species formation
19. Punjabi (పంజాబీ) :: He also cooks special dishes for catered events but misses the challenge of intricate cooking since here the tandoori and Punjabi cuisine seems to be served everywhere
20. Russian (రష్యన్) :: The stopping times and places are in the carriage and despite Russian s Cyrillic script its easy to guess where you are and how long youll stop there
21. Rusty (రస్టీ) :: The colour of ivory differs markedly from creamy white to a rusty brown especially if it has been exposed to light or treated with a stain
22. Stress (ఒత్తిడి) :: Less friction also reduces the stress imposed on the material
23. Ungrammatical (వ్యాకరణం) :: Stipulations of ungrammaticality are problematic in a usagebased model such as Cognitive Grammar
24. Voice (వాయిస్) :: What took me completely by surprise was that it was me my voice in my mouth
25. Voiced (స్వరిత) ::
26. Voiceless (నిస్వర) :: Earning my wages equates to obeying voicelessly orders and commands hurled at me by a whole range of big bellied higher ups

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