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ఆరోగ్యంగా లేని, వ్యాధిగ్రస్తమైన
Morbid :
- వ్యాధిగ్రస్తమైనరోగాలకీmorbidlymorbidness

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Adjective(1) suggesting an unhealthy mental state(2) suggesting the horror of death and decay(3) caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology

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(1) Deep puncture wounds from animal bites become morbid if not promptly tended and closely followed.(2) He dreaded hearing the answer, but morbid curiosity forced him to ask the question.(3) Add to this the morbid fascination people have with viewing a corpse and I'm done for.(4) His work reveals a powerful imagination and an often morbid interest in themes of love and death.(5) Is it boredom, morbid curiosity or just a downright nosiness to see how unfavourably other people's lives compare?(6) I can't think of a single reason to buy this album except for morbid curiosity.(7) Only one person in seven suffering from morbid obesity will live to his or her full life expectancy.(8) Despite our hatred of the whole process, we still had this morbid fascination with it.(9) Watching the best players in the world right now mostly failing to match up to the requirements has provided a morbid kind of fascination.(10) There is a morbid nostalgia in the desire to draw death back into our everyday lives.(11) I know that a number of people come to this site solely out of morbid curiosity about Raychel's murder.(12) You watch with morbid fascination as his world slowly crumbles around him.(13) Why she has chosen to explore such a morbid subject is anyone's guess.(14) Out of the side streets opposite the jail they came by scores, drawn for the most part by idle and morbid curiosity.(15) Obesity is associated with multiple morbid conditions and a loss in life expectancy.(16) He had proved to be an interesting, if slightly morbid and subdued, traveling companion.
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Different Forms
morbid, morbidity, morbidly, morbidness
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