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Pouch - (పర్సు) :: I unzipped the side pouch on the bag and pulled out a new clip and loaded it

Badger - (కుక్క) :: Wrens ferrets weasels badgers birds of prey horses heads and stoats are just a few of the creatures that populate the workshop at the back of his home in Delavale Road Winchcombe

Chestnut - (చెస్ట్నట్) :: Over the years we have added scientific investigations on wildlife road kill tree growth and a study of American chestnut seedling survival

Mane - (మేన్) :: he had a mane of white hair

Mouser - (mouser) :: Longtailed weasels are good mousers and ratters so farmers do not mind having weasels around their farms because they eliminate these pests


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Replace - (భర్తీ) :: The saving of Margaret replaces or substitutes for the saving of the working classParliaments rejection of the Charter

Reply - (ప్రత్యుత్తరం) :: he was gone before we could reply to his last remark

Report - (నివేదిక) :: audit report

Represent - (ప్రాతినిధ్యం) :: Once at their table Agee describes the colors and the tastes textures and odors of the food claiming that these things represent the physical embodiment of home

Representative - (ప్రతినిధి) :: As the representative body of the British Jewish community we have received a number of complaints about it from Jewish people in many parts of the world


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Tangible - (పరిగణింపబడే) :: For faith is belief in the absence of tangible evidence or proof

Tardy - (జాప్యం) :: The Jim Muldowney trained Aparelho was the warm 64 favourite for this event but after a tardy enough start was always playing catchup

Tare - (తారే) :: Also the field should be watched for several days to prevent pigeons which are remarkably fond of tares from devouring much of the sown seed

Taunt - (ఆక్షేపణ) :: They began taunting the friends and threatening them before launching a physical attack


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Ancestry (వంశపారంపర్య) :: I believe that reading childrens pictorial books that depict the ancestry of different continents with children can make global education meaningful

Lesser (తక్కువ) :: Perhaps lesser mortals in this field should wait for the hearings

Palpable (తాకుతూ లేక నొక్కుతూ పరీక్షించుట) :: Two postal workers here had just died apparently from inhaling anthrax spores and my US friends told me that the fear was palpable throughout the city

Cockscomb (తురాయి) :: This pie would be one containing especially fine titbits such as cockscombs and sweetbreads

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