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Ground - (గ్రౌండ్) :: In spring you kill the vetch by simply cutting it close to the ground and then lay it in place on the beds

Playground - (ప్లేగ్రౌండ్) :: The brilliant playgrounds enjoyed by pupils at Burlington Infants School are enough to make you want to be three again

Minor - (చిన్న) :: Against this kind of background the Northern Ireland situation is of much more minor importance


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Clean - (శుభ్రంగా) :: When he wiped his hand on a clean piece of paper the image of Africa that appeared inspired his publisher to turn the hand into a series of lithographs

Clear - (స్పష్టమైన) :: The pupils were black and surrounding them was a ring of clear blue

Clearly - (స్పష్టంగా) :: The language is very simple and when they have had to use an unusual term it is clearly explained

Clerk - (క్లర్క్) :: This was about the clerk of that parish whose wife used to wash the parsons surplices

Clever - (తెలివైన) :: I saw nothing original or clever or ingenious about this film


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Traverse - (ప్రయాణించేందుకు) :: The access to the feed was adapted to the size of animals with a traverse allowing only one animal to enter

Travesty - (అవహేళనగా) :: And if he isnt crowned King of the Jungle in 24 hours time it will be a travesty of the highest order

Trepidation - (వణుకు) :: This he did in fear and trepidation taking with him two other church workers who were accompanying him


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Dismal (నిరాశాజనకమైన) :: Shed been walking so long she barely noticed the cold and damp the sticking mud and the dismal weather

Execution (అమలు) :: Kevin Spacey plays Gale a man who has been convicted of murder and awaits his execution while on death row

Alacrity (ఉల్లాసం) :: Mr Garner who is described as softspoken humble and efficient accepted the job with alacrity

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Adjective :: బేరిష్, అసభ్యకర, అసభ్య, వినయము లేని, అమర్యాదకరమైన, , సాధారణము, సాధారణ, సహజ, భౌతిక, ప్లెబియన్, గరుకైన, హిల్బిల్లీలను, ముడి, అసహ్యమైన, సరైనది, స్థూల, కాలం చెల్లిన, చప్పగా, సామాన్యమైన, చిన్నవిషయం, మామూలు, గ్రామీణ, దేశంలో, మోటైన, రైతు, కిరాతక, అనైతిక, ఇతర, అర్థం, అమాయకులకు, నిరక్షరాస్యులైన, బేస్, చెడ్డ, నిరక్షరాస్య, ఆచార, ఉపయోగించబడిన, అగౌరవంగా, చదవని, అనాగరిక, వికారంగా, సంప్రదాయ, ప్రస్తుత, ఆమోదించబడిన
Meaning :: అసభ్యకర, అనాగరిక, చిరచిరలాడుతూ, అవమానకరమైన, అసభ్య, పెంకితనంగల, ప్రతినాయక, కరిష్, తుచ్చమైనది, మురికి, క్షుద్రమైన
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