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Macaw - (మాకా) :: Parrots could even tell the difference between film of macaws and budgies

Tomcat - (టామ్క్యాట్కు) :: Officers caring for the black tomcat last night named him Bilbo

Camel - (ఒంటె) :: Mohair angora wool cashmere camel alpaca etc are all your allies against the wind and cold

Iguana - (ఉడుము) :: We studied iguanas continuously from 19 December 20001 January 2001 during the 3weeklong mating season


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Cotton - (పత్తి) :: There were different weaves in jute and blends of jute with cotton and silk

Cough - (దగ్గు) :: Symptoms of bronchiolitis include rapid breathing a cough wheezing and fever

Could - (చేయగలిగి) :: you could always ring him up

Council - (కౌన్సిల్) :: The council represents 19 denominations at the state capital mostly on social issues


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Recondite - (గూఢ) :: Hansen uses short sentences and has a knack for clarifying opaque and recondite ideas

Reconnaissance - (నిఘా) :: A Pentagon spokesman said a coalition air reconnaissance patrol came under fire and called in air strikes

Recumbent - (చైతన్యం లేని) :: In several the blondehelmeted recumbent figure turns as though to meet the viewers gaze

Recuperate - (తేరుకునేందుకు) :: The quickly qualifying and anxietyridden of course indicates that for Irene his masculinity has to be rapidly recuperated from any trace of the feminine

Red tape - (ఎర్ర పట్టి) ::


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Entourage (అనుచర) :: In this Hollywood awards season the piles of free stuff being handed out to nominees award presenters performers and members of their entourages is escalating

Delectation (delectation) :: And now for your delight and delectation My First Online Column

Fatality (మరణాల) :: There has been one fatality two people seriously injured and three walking wounded

Contort (కాలమానాన్ని) :: They never did make any sense and were often contorted versions of a day at the orphanage

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Adjective :: చట్టబద్ధమైన
Meaning :: చట్టబద్ధమైన
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