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Frame - (ఫ్రేమ్) :: Just then there was a knock on the door and a tall frame entered

Study - (అధ్యయనం) :: parttime study

Redecorate - (redecorate) :: Ive redecorated the sitting room and I did it all in one big hit over the last two days

Convent - (కాన్వెంట్) :: Especially targeted were religious houses convents and monasteries because they were the most severe in the demand for forced labor dues

Decorate - (అలంకరించేందుకు) :: These chests were beautifully decorated at first mainly made of wood with iron hinges locks and strappings


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Violence - (హింస) :: domestic violence against women

Violent - (హింసాత్మక) :: What would make them turn to such violent and destructive actions to destroy their own country

Virtually - (వాస్తవంగా) :: The building was virtually destroyed in the blaze which broke out late on Saturday night

Virus - (వైరస్) :: The Justice Department has blamed a computer virus for the delay


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Caustic - (ప్రమాద) :: In On burning mirrors Diocles also studies the problem of finding a mirror such that the envelope of reflected rays is a given caustic curve or of finding a mirror such that the focus traces a given curve as the Sun moves across the sky

Cavalcade - (మోటార్ సైకిళ్ల ఊరేగింపు) :: Luckily it was summer and the traffic was terrible in the town so I always managed to convince Mrs Barley that cavalcades of caravans and jackknifed juggernauts were to blame for the absent hours I spent chatting in Terris bedroom

Celerity - (శీఘ్రం) :: Nowhere does fear do its work with more celerity and less constraint than in the financial markets which often flee even from their own shadows


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Constellation (కూటమి) :: North of Orion lies a pentagon of stars which mark the constellation Auriga the brightest of which is Capella

Condor (కొండార్) :: The condors will succeed to the extent their new culture allows

Doxology (డొక్సోలాజి) :: Instead there is no self no being prior to its doxological performance

Etymology (శబ్దవ్యుత్పత్తి) :: Based on a rough study of etymology these words for big numbers were popularized in 17thcentury France and were based on the 14thcentury coinage of million

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