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Seaway - (సముద్రమార్గం) :: Continental displacements led to changes in the configurations of the oceans and seaways opened and closed

Tread - (గడుచు) :: I heard the heavy tread of Dads boots

Carsick - (carsick) :: It evokes the vague nausea of carsickness

Dinghy - (డింగీ) :: I had to get to the top deck to get this little dinghy to escape I could see it chained up far above me form outside


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Signal - (సిగ్నల్) :: they could signal displeasure by refusing to cooperate

Signature - (సంతకం) :: These teachers have selected the finest recordings of the signature works of the great composers

Significant - (ముఖ్యమైన) :: At all times and in all hours they were in deep consultation and Margarot was observed to say to Campbell with a significant wink keep an eye on the old gentleman meaning me

Significantly - (గణనీయంగా) :: Instead we argue for the neutrality of nature which is significantly different

Silence - (నిశ్శబ్దం) :: we finished our meal in silence


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Genre - (కళా ప్రక్రియ) :: All in all I picked up ten magazines representing a wide base of styles and genres

Germane - (సంబంధించి) :: Frankly they backed into their mollusc caves round about May and emerge only when I manage to procure a germane species of earth worm from my back yard

Germinal - (కణములో) :: Radiation inhibits mitotic activity in the germinal cells of the epidermis hair follicles and sebaceous glands


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Tricycle (ట్రైసైకిల్) :: She is a keen tricyclist and will happily ride a few blocks in this way

Discompose (మనసులో కల్లోలము) :: I dare say that you are becoming rather desperate she retorted calmly pleased with his discomposed composure for she felt more like the lady now and he the savage

Afford (స్థోమత) :: No publishing house of our size had ever won the prize and we consequently couldnt afford to go in there with high expectations

Nappy (nappy) :: He got up and sighed sweeping his hand through his nappy grey brown hair his usual habit

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Noun :: కుడుం, షార్లెట్
Meaning :: కుడుం
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