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Labrador - (లాబ్రడార్) ::

Swan - (స్వాన్) :: Going around the lake I observed crested grebes coots moorhens ducks swans and herons

Terrier - (టెర్రియర్) :: HamsTech who played like terriers scored through penalties kicked by fly half Warren Gower and scrum half Andre Bosman

Underbelly - (క్రిందిఉదరం) :: Some people referred to it as a soft underbelly whatever that is but make no mistake about it over the last few years Kerry teams have not performed for the full game

Aquarium - (ఆక్వేరియం) :: The tubes were floated in 57 L plastic aquaria receiving flowthrough sea water pumped directly from the ocean


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Per cent - (శాతం) ::

Perfect - (పరిపూర్ణ) :: In the minds ear one has an ideal of the perfect performance of a piece

Perfectly - (సంపూర్ణ) :: Around them the paddies are such a perfectly unsullied shade of green they dont seem real

Perform - (నిర్వహించడానికి) :: The members of the club committee at present perform the dual role of branch and club committee

Performance - (ప్రదర్శన) :: A few tickets remain for the matinee performance at 130 pm Saturday but the evening performance is sold out


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Prune - (ఎండు ద్రాక్ష) :: Do not prune either streptosolen or fuchsia for they bloom in winter on growth started in early fall

Psychosis - (సైకోసిస్) :: Identification of these processes may also uncover mechanisms of cognitive impairment with implications not only for AD but also for idiopathic psychoses

Puerile - (కరుకైన) :: Opposition may sometimes seem like a game and there is nothing more puerile than politicians yahbooing each other purely for the sake of it

Pugnacious - (పోట్లాడుతూ) :: Her other abiding passion came in the form of a pugnacious Labour politician nicknamed The Butcher for his savage attacks on the SNP


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Reticulate (reticulate) :: Techniques for reticulating the target into an array of 19m islands by ionbeam milling were then developed to minimize the thermal diffusion

Knack (నేర్పు) :: Her voice is immensely beautiful and can lift you out of a blue mood but more importantly she has the knack of making you empathize with her subject matter

Forebode (పురస్సూచన చేయుట) :: We foreboded it yet I was stupid enough to bring them

Sovereign (సార్వభౌమ) :: God tells us in the Bible that He is sovereign over everything and He demonstrates His sovereignty by performing miracles

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Noun :: ఎగిరి దుముకు, దూకే, కేపర్, లీపు, పరిగెత్తు, బౌండ్, నృత్య, హోదాలో, గంతులు వేయుచు ఆడుట, కుప్పిగంతులు వేయు, పాస్, కొలిచేందుకు,
Verb :: లీపు, అల్లరి, కేపర్, ఎగిరి దుముకు, విధమైన పరుగు, కుప్పిగంతులు వేయు, రెప్పపాటు, నృత్య, గడుచు, ఫుట్
Meaning :: కేపర్
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