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Obsession - (ముట్టడి) :: It became clear during the investigation that the attractive newlywed had been the subject of Wilsons obsessions

Red - (ఎరుపు) :: In the image however the shortest wavelengths are represented as blue while the longest are coloured in red

Ridicule - (హేళన) :: There is a fine line sometimes between a joke satire ridicule and genuine defamatory ridicule

Human - (మానవ) :: Id parallel as Blatty does human kindnessforgiveness with the existence of God

Obsess - (పీడించు) :: I have to work toward a depth of physicality to create the consuming jealousy that obsesses her


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Drink - (పానీయం) :: The bartender poured a drink into a shot glass and gave it to him

Drive - (డ్రైవ్) :: As soon as he saw the gate in front of him he put the car into drive and started driving toward it

Driver - (డ్రైవర్) :: printer driver

Driving - (డ్రైవింగ్) :: Snow sleet driving rain and gale force winds were sweeping across the north west today Saturday


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Emollient - (మార్దవకరమైన) :: What he gets is the poignant emollient presence of Connelly who looks soulfully at him

Empirical - (అనుభావిక) :: You cant apply probabilistic methods to a phenomenon where there is no empirical evidence

Emulate - (అనుకరించే) :: Amanda talks about how she wishes Tom would emulate his father in only one respect his attention to personal appearance

Encomium - (శ్లాఘన) :: He appeared more than happy to be the coach of the Hong Kong cricket team and showered encomiums on Hong Kong cricket

Endorse - (ధృవ) :: The House of Councillors voted 210 to 23 to endorse the bill to revise the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law


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Function (ఫంక్షన్) :: to attend a social function

Predicament (సంకట) :: However I give credit to them for choosing to turn what could have been cliched confrontation scenes into smarter more unusually human and complex situations sitcom predicaments made realistic

Warder (కావలివాడు) :: He was one of 10 convicted prisoners who escaped from the prison on June 8 after holding up prison warders at gunpoint and locking them in a cell

Vesica (vesica) ::

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Verb :: స్పందించలేదు, స్పందిస్తారు, సమాధానం, , ఆవేశపరచు, ఎదురయ్యే, చేయునది, ఫంక్షన్, ఆపరేట్
Meaning :: స్పందించలేదు, ప్రారంభం
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