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Afterbirth - (మావిపురుడు) :: In addition flock owners should dispose of aborted foetuses still born lambs and afterbirths quickly and safely

Baby - (బేబీ) :: this plan is Sens baby

Nickname - (మారుపేరు) :: On their barrels the crews have nicknamed their armoured behemoths

Passionate - (మక్కువ) :: They are so passionate about their football and it is beginning to show in the quality of the players


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Ashamed - (సిగ్గు) :: I will admit to smoking the odd joint and I am not embarrassed or ashamed of it

Aside - (పక్కన) :: She mentally pushed the pain aside and stood slowly

Aside from - (పక్కన నుండి) ::

Ask - (అడగండి) :: is a good question to ask and the answer tells us something important

Asleep - (నిద్రలోకి) :: I fell asleep on the train from Victoria to Brighton the other evening


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Languish - (నశించు) :: The Hurricanes no longer have to languish near the bottom of the points table

Larceny - (చిల్లర) :: Twentynine others were arrested for outstanding warrants on charges of burglary larceny and malicious wounding

Lassitude - (నిరుత్సాహము) :: You still get the runny nose and cough if youve got them but it gets rid of the aches pains and general uncomfortable lassitude

Latent - (గుప్త) :: Thus the combination of obesity with a geneticallybased insulin derangement may reveal latent diabetes


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Orifice (కన్నము) :: This helps the surgeon identify the ureteral orifices during bladder dissection and urethral bladder reanastomosis

Fluorescent (ఫ్లోరోసెంట్) :: Many diamonds are fluorescent and phosphorescent under ultraviolet radiation

Loathe (అసహ్యించుకొను) :: Truly they are now loathed and despised in newspapers across the world

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Adjective :: తెలిసిన, సమాచారం, ఎరిగిన, తెలిసి ఉండటం, పరిచయం, పాండిత్యంలో
Meaning :: ఎరిగిన, చేతన
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