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Sock - (గుంట) :: Dont let the field get socked in with early morning fog or a decreasing ceiling when you no longer have enough fuel to get to your divert base

Upright - (నిటారుగా) :: I could also extend effective protection to upright officers who happened to displease powerful politicians

Wanton - (ఉల్లాసమైన) :: On Monday September 13 we found that the glass had been smashed again so the council has to now believe that it is just stupid wanton vandalism

Worn - (ధరిస్తారు) :: He sat down without a sound on the worn wood and lifted his feet off the cold ground his arms going around his knees


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Weigh - (బరువు) :: Many industries developed their own very specific scales designed to weigh particular items

Weight - (బరువు) :: as he came upstairs the boards creaked under his weight

Welcome - (స్వాగత) :: His Heathrow welcome would have pleased either Michael Jackson or Princess Di

Well - (బాగా) :: Here was a woman who had done her best to raise her family well in difficult circumstances


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Dilemma - (గందరగోళాన్ని) :: Democracy in a multicultural multilingual and multireligious country like India poses difficult problems and dilemmas not easy to resolve

Dilettante - (లోతుగా అధ్యయనం చేయకుండుట) :: Media pundits can be opinionated dilettantes but they can also possess the kind of knowledge that provides real insights into the subject under discussion

Diligent - (శ్రద్ధగల) :: My eldest daughter is extremely diligent and settles down to her homework the minute we get home but the little one is not so studious

Diorama - (డయోరమ) :: The project has been so successful that Nigel now works full time creating more life size figures and more small figures to set in dioramas that extend the scope of the museum displays


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Butler (బట్లర్) :: Every room had maids and servants and butlers all cleaning and decorating his home

Currency (కరెన్సీ) :: currency control

Peddler (Peddler) :: There were so many things for him to absorb from the peddlers selling their wares on the jetty to the fast transcars that zoomed up and down the crowded streets

Megaphone (మెగాఫోన్) :: People were shouting over megaphones and speakers even though they didnt need to

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Adjective :: ఇటీవలి, ప్రస్తుత, తరువాతి, కొత్త, ఆధునిక, తక్షణ, యువ, మింట్ పరిస్థితి, , నవల, తాజా
Meaning :: ఇటీవలి,
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