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Muskrat - (Muskrat) :: With his hunting experience he introduced trapping lures for mink muskrats fox beaver bobcats coyotes and wolves

Chub - (Chub) :: Golden eye or yellowtail grunts chubs or scads would move unhurriedly across changing direction with uncanny synchronisation

Loon - (లూన్) :: And yes we jumped up and down and hugged like absolute loons

Queen - (రాణి) :: He immediately wrote a note to his wife the queen

Salmon - (సాల్మన్) :: The proposal to add 18 inches to the dam could help rehabilitate the salmon fish stocks by artificially inducing the returning salmon to spawn


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Roof - (పైకప్పు) :: fan vaults roof these magnificent buildings

Room - (గది) :: There is also a small utility room and separate storage room in this area

Root - (రూట్) :: The root of the hair extends down into the follicle and widens into a bulb at its base which is the center of hair growth

Rope - (తాడు) :: They rope his hand and attach the other end to a door bolt and leave the poor dolt there

Rough - (రఫ్) :: He was standing frozen in the doorway a rough sack of belongings slung over his shoulder


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Scrupulous - (సూక్ష్మబుద్ధి) :: Seeking to protect his pregnant wife gangster Gui decides to give himself up to the authorities only to find his act of selfsacrifice results in the loss of everything to less scrupulous rivals

Scrutinize - (పరీక్షించేవారు) :: In sufficient numbers this message would get out through the party scrutinizers they cant keep a secret

Scurvy - (వైటమిన్ లోపంవల్ల కలిగే వ్యాధి) :: I doubt if that will work and I reiterate that the Pakistanis feel scurvily treated with a shorter than short series

Scuttle - (బకెట్టు) :: Most of the immersion exists in the street and sewer scenes when cars and the noises of little rat feet scuttling shuffle from speaker to speaker kind of


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Crumb (చిన్న ముక్క) :: Crush the biscuits into a crumb texture add the melted butter and mix together

Suspension (సస్పెన్షన్) :: In his two games since serving a onegame team suspension Buckhalter has carried the ball six times for only 11 yards

Particular (ప్రత్యేక) :: So take particular care with personal hygiene in the mornings

Puerperal (ప్రసూతికి) ::

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