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Toddler - (పసిపిల్లలకు) :: Then I took a closer look and discovered that the world of dance is rife with language and conventions that tie dancers in peoples minds to the realm of infancy and toddlerhood

Valentine - (ప్రేమికుడు) :: Campaigners asked supporters nationwide to send valentines to the secretary of the Treasury asking him to appeal to Congress to act quickly on the issue

Breastfeed - (breastfeed) :: They also checked for PCBs in the breast milk of the mothers who breastfed their babies about half of the cohort

Departed - (వెళ్ళిపోయాడు) :: In terms of land use the typical cemetery can hold between 1000 and 2000 dearly departeds per acre so were devoting a maximum of 1700 acres of new cemetery ground each year

Sister - (సోదరి) :: Yesterday an old man collapsed in the toilet and Amelia ran out to fetch the ward sister


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Commercial - (వాణిజ్య) :: He is sure that the commercial will encourage people to come here for a holiday

Commission - (కమిషన్) :: For her premiere commission she wrote what I knew about her experience of working in innercity primary schools

Commit - (కమిట్) :: He faces charges of attempted murder and aiding the enemy and conspiracy to commit war crimes

Commitment - (నిబద్ధత) :: the companys commitment to quality

Committee - (కమిటీ) :: a committee meeting


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Condone - (క్షమించరు) :: Learn to recognise their behaviour and withdraw all social condonation of their actions

Conflagration - (అగ్ని ప్రమాదం) :: These companies encouraged positive precautions to prevent fires by the design and construction of buildings and to deal rapidly with conflagrations

Confound - (అయోమయం) :: Im still confounded by how some of you manage to work full time and blog


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Perturb (పరచు) :: He said local residents were perturbed by this and felt there was the potential for the emergency services to get confused

Commodious (విశాలంగా) :: Many older drivers shy away from the growing breed of commodious familyorientated people carriers

Label (లేబుల్) :: A tollfree phone number is available on the label for updated information on the industrys program

Sniff (వాసన చూడటం) :: An easier lifelesson would be greatly appreciated she thought while sounding a sniff

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Noun :: అస్పష్టత, సంక్షుబ్దం,
Meaning :: బ్లర్, , ఖచ్చితంగా చెప్పలేని, అస్పష్టత, పొగమంచు
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