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:: to attend a social function:: The functionality of an artefact corresponds to the range of functions it exhibits or the experience it provides:: the first sentence is so hard to compose:: Everyone who has a computer has a keyboard but not everyone has a joystick or gamepad:: Kids whove grown up playing video games and typing instant messages on mobile phone keypads have developed unusual dexterity in their thumbs researchers in England have discovered:: Fortunately the book has a good index on the keywords and the pages they are described:: The Santiago Agreement aimed at assuring the fair distribution of licence fees to authors composers and music publishers covers webcasting streaming online music on demand as well as music videos transmitted online:: They can also check websites for updates and search for relevant news stories:: In the meantime both sides claim battle victories war reports conflict and contradict and the casualty toll is rising:: Even immobile beings that show no signs of animation or spirituality harbors within it the divine lifeforce that brought it into being:: It provides a solution to the old problem of what legal rule allows a casualty surgeon to perform an urgent operation on an unconscious patient who is brought into hospital:: Shortly after when her telephone call for help is ignored by a gossiping switchboard operator she meets her own end on the blade of a bayonet:: :: At the more macro level the underfunding of the public system and the consequent lack of attention to equity stems from a chronically low tax base and an alltoolittleprogressive tax system:: It that been that way from the moment in the fourth minute when Ferdinand became the first of nine bookings by Andy D Urso for a silly hack at William Gallas:: While some home users hackers and hobbyists have switched to Linux or other Open Source software businesses seem to have been more cautious:: Document management technologies include digital imaging which uses scanners to digitally replicate documents:: The technique gives a high key but a reduced range of brightness:: To specifically monitor the fluorescence signal we placed a bandpass filter centered at 580 nm in front of the optical detector:: People have been phoning me up and stopping me in the street and saying how sorry they are to hear about what has happened to us:: computer system:: the site has no ads and is not being promoted with banners:: A series of messages pops up as users cursors roll over images of the Sock Puppet:: news came from the outside world by telegraph
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