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కంకర, గులకరాయి, అడుగుబరువు, బౌల్డర్, రాయి, వసూలు, గురుత్వాకర్షణ, లోడ్, బరువు, జవాబుదారి, భారం, బఱువు
స్థిరీకరించేందుకు, అడుగుబరువు, పెగ్

Ballast    :అడుగుబరువు


Ballast - అడుగుబరువు

Ballasted :: పడికట్టును

Ballasting :: ballasting

Ballasts :: ballasts


Related Words

1. ballast tank :: అడుగుబరువు ట్యాంక్


1. stabilizer :: స్టెబిలైజర్

2. counterbalance :: counterbalance

3. counterweight :: విరుద్దంగా

Different forms

ballast, ballasted, ballasting, ballasts

English to Telugu Dictionary: ballast
Meaning and definitions of ballast, translation in Telugu language for ballast with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ballast in Telugu and in English language.

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What ballast means in Telugu, ballast meaning in Telugu, ballast definition, examples and pronunciation of ballast in Telugu language.

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