English to Telugu Meaning of callous - విచక్షణాజ్ఞానం

Callous :

విచక్షణాజ్ఞానం, అసమాన చేయడానికి, అసమానంగా

విచక్షణాజ్ఞానం, స్పందన లేని, వెర్రిఅయిన, అమానుషమైన, దయలేని, కరుణ లేని, అమానుష, హిమ, ఘనీభవించిన, కష్టం, హార్డ్, ఘన, మంచి జ్ఞాపకశక్తి, మొండి పట్టుదలగల, ఎముక కణజాలము లోనయిన, అవిధేయులైన, వదలని, వెర్రి, అమాయక, అక్షేపించరాని, నిస్వార్థమైన, భిన్నంగానే, తొందరతో, హార్డ్-ఉడికించిన, శ్రద్ధలేని, ఆసక్తికరమైన, ఉత్సాహవంతులైన, అప్రయత్నంగా, క్రియారహితంగా, చోటనే, నీరసమైన, జ్ఞాని, శాశ్వతమని, ప్రశాంతమైన

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Definitions of callous in English
Verb(1) make insensitive or callous; deaden feelings or morals
Adjective(1) emotionally hardened(2) having calluses; having skin made tough and thick through wear
Examples of callous in English
(1) If only you new the truth you would hang your head in shame at your ignorance and callous disregard for the suffering of your fellow Australians.(2) By defending his blundering ways, this self-serving little weasel shows callous disregard for that poor little girl.(3) This just excuses all cruel and callous behavior and makes the recipient of it the one to bear the burden.(4) Sadly, there is big money in rare species, but this is a very cruel and callous type of crime, and one we are anxious to stamp out.(5) This isn't callous and soulless; it can be rich and exciting.(6) The whole arms business has made top politicians, of both main parties, increasingly callous and insensitive.(7) Certainly, there is no denying that these cruel and callous acts were terrorism.(8) He was knocked to the floor by a cold and callous killer, which left him totally defenceless on the floor.(9) I guess this means I don't need to feel I went wrong somewhere raising someone who has become such a cruel and callous snob?(10) More than rage, it was a pity that filled me on seeing this callous indifference all around.(11) Jasmine felt a deep stab of anger at that callous comment and she glared at him.(12) I don't think I'm a cruel or callous person, and I don't want to think that what happened to me made me into one.(13) People capable of that sort of uncaring and cruelly callous behavior tend to move on to humans if they are not stopped early enough.(14) But despite the ineluctable force of modernization it's surprising how strongly and deeply rooted this callous disregard for women is.(15) Under its sugarcoating of carefree decadence lies a remarkably cruel and callous film.(16) It is this callous indifference to human life on the part of the ÔÇÿdisciplesÔÇÖ that he is alerting us to.
(1) style of calligraphy ::
చేతివ్రాత యొక్క శైలి
(2) model for calligraphy ::
దస్తూరి కోసం నమూనా
1. heartless ::
2. unfeeling ::
స్పందన లేని
3. uncaring ::
అంత పట్టింపు లేనట్టుగా
4. cold ::
5. cold-hearted ::
చల్లని మనసుతో
6. hard ::
7. as hard as nails ::
మేకులు వంటి హార్డ్ వంటి
8. hard-hearted ::
హార్డ్ hearted
9. insensitive ::
10. lacking compassion ::
లేకపోవడంపై కరుణ
11. hard-bitten ::
హార్డ్ కరిచింది
12. hard-nosed ::
హార్డ్ ఎంతో
13. hard-edged ::
హార్డ్ కొనలను
14. unsympathetic ::
జాలి లేకుండా
16. cauterize ::
1. charitable ::
2. humane ::
3. kindly ::
4. merciful ::
5. sensitive ::
6. sympathetic ::
7. tender ::
8. warm ::
Different Forms
callous, calloused, callouses, callousing, callously, callousness
English to Telugu Dictionary: callous

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What callous means in Telugu, callous meaning in Telugu, callous definition, examples and pronunciation of callous in Telugu language.

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