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కపాల, సెరిబ్రల్
సెరిబ్రల్, మెదడు

Cerebral    :సెరిబ్రల్


Cerebral - సెరిబ్రల్


Related Words

1. cerebral palsy :: మస్తిష్క పక్షవాతము


1. intellectual :: మేధో

2. academic :: విద్యా

3. rational :: హేతుబద్ధమైన

4. logical :: తార్కిక

5. analytical ::

6. scholarly :: పండిత

7. bookish :: చదుపులో నిమగ్నమైన

8. brainy :: మేధాసంపత్తికలవాడు


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English to Telugu Dictionary: cerebral
Meaning and definitions of cerebral, translation in Telugu language for cerebral with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of cerebral in Telugu and in English language.

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What cerebral means in Telugu, cerebral meaning in Telugu, cerebral definition, examples and pronunciation of cerebral in Telugu language.

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