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నిశ్చయంగా, తప్పక జరుగుతుందనే భావం
తప్పక జరుగుతుందనే భావం, దోషిగా

Certitude    :తప్పక జరుగుతుందనే భావం


Certitude - తప్పక జరుగుతుందనే భావం

Certitudes :: certitudes

Incertitude :: incertitude



1. certainty :: నిశ్చయంగా

2. confidence :: విశ్వాసం

3. sureness ::

4. positiveness ::

5. conviction :: దోషిగా

6. assurance :: హామీ


1. doubt :: సందేహం

Different forms

certitude, certitudes, incertitude

English to Telugu Dictionary: certitude
Meaning and definitions of certitude, translation in Telugu language for certitude with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of certitude in Telugu and in English language.

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What certitude means in Telugu, certitude meaning in Telugu, certitude definition, examples and pronunciation of certitude in Telugu language.

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