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బౌన్స్, అహంకారం, vaunt, నటన, నాటకీయంగా సంభాషించుట, rodomontade, మోసాన్ని, గాలివార్త, సందేహం, గాబరా, పజిల్, ఆత్మస్తుతి, గొప్పగా చెప్పండి, హోరెత్తు

Gammon    :నటన


Gammon - నటన


Related Words

1. gammon :: నటన


1. ham :: హామ్

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English to Telugu Dictionary: gammon
Meaning and definitions of gammon, translation in Telugu language for gammon with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gammon in Telugu and in English language.

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What gammon means in Telugu, gammon meaning in Telugu, gammon definition, examples and pronunciation of gammon in Telugu language.

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