English to Telugu Meaning of gentle - సాధువైన

Gentle :

సాధువైన, బ్లాండ్, సాఫ్ట్, కాంతి, పెటిట్, తక్కువ, మర్యాద, సంతోషకరమైన, గౌరవప్రదమైన, స్నేహపూర్వక, వినయపూర్వకమైన, తేలికగా వంగునట్టి, బలహీనుడై, నమ్రత, ఇందుకు, అంగీకారమైన, దాపరికం, ఉత్సాహవంతుడని, చిన్న, అతికొద్ది, స్వల్ప, చెడు, అనారోగ్యంతో, నిదానం, పేద, సమభావము, మర్యాదపూర్వకమైన, తేలికపాటి, బలహీనమైన, సూటిగా, సాధారణ, శాంతియుత, బ్లడెడ్, బాగా జన్మించిన, బాగా కను, ఉన్నత తరగతుల వారికి సరిపడిన, మంచి, ఇతరులను సంతోషపెట్టే, ఓదార్పు, చల్లని, దోచుకునేవాడు, తృప్తి పరచు, క్రమక్షీణత, ప్రశాంతత, ఊయల, నిశ్శబ్ద, ఉపశమనానికి, ప్రసన్నం, ఉపశమనం, తగ్గించడానికి, భయాందోళనలను, తగ్గించటానికి, గొడ్డలి, చిన్నది చేయడం, ఆఫ్ కొట్టు, సంక్షిప్తంగా, తగ్గించేందుకు, తగ్గిస్తాయి, తగ్గుతుంది, కోమల, కరిగే, నిగ్రహాన్ని, నీడ

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Definitions of gentle in English
Verb(1) cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of(2) give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility(3) stroke soothingly
Adjective(1) soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe(2) having or showing a kindly or tender nature(3) quiet and soothing(4) belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy(5) easily handled or managed(6) having little impact, or light(7) marked by moderate steepness
Examples of gentle in English
(1) It still surprised her that a part of Arlan could be so gentle and tender, that he wasn't all the hard exterior he seemed to be.(2) Mel was clambering down a gentle slope, loosening bits of rocks and soil, towards what he supposed was the Cobalt River.(3) Wandering down the gentle slope to the lake we put last week into perspective and start thinking next week will probably turn out reasonably OK.(4) The hole was about eighteen feet across and lay just over the rim of a low hill that rose in a long gentle slope from the side of our farm.(5) You can also employ gentle persuasion and subtlety to excellent effect.(6) Along the gentle slope of the mountains, the quarry stretched across an exposed cliff face.(7) Just before I pass out, strong yet gentle arms pick me up.(8) A cleanser, astringent, gentle abrasive and mild bleaching agent, baking soda is a true all-purpose beauty aid.(9) The long grass ripple like the ocean waves under the surprisingly gentle sea breeze.(10) Yet the softness of the edges of the silhouettes and the equal softness of the charcoal surfaces produce a soothing, gentle effect.(11) The first part of the hill was quite easy - a gentle slope that flattened off into a brief plateau.(12) May was a gentle person who retained a well balanced perspective on life throughout her long years.(13) These sediments accumulate to form the large, gentle slope of the continental rise.(14) The new trail rounds the curve out more, and at the same time provides a slightly more gentle slope.(15) Acceptance is the tender and gentle process of opening our hearts to others, to ourselves, and to our common ground of suffering.(16) Kind and gentle in his manner always, he spent his life caring for others and never thinking of self.
Related Phrases of gentle
(1) be gentle ::
మర్యాదగ ప్రవర్తించు, దయతో ఉండు
(2) gentle breeze ::
సున్నితమైన గాలి
(3) gentle reminder ::
సున్నితమైన రిమైండర్
(4) gentle giant ::
సాధువైన దిగ్గజం
(5) gentle wind ::
సున్నితమైన గాలి
(6) gentle and soft ::
సున్నితమైన మరియు మృదువైన
(7) gentle and quiet ::
సున్నితమైన మరియు నిశ్శబ్ద
(8) the gentle sex ::
సున్నిత సెక్స్
1. kind ::
2. light ::
3. gradual ::
5. docile ::
6. soft ::
7. easy ::
8. ennoble ::
9. conciliate ::
1. abrasive ::
2. caustic ::
3. coarse ::
4. hard ::
5. harsh ::
6. rough ::
7. scathing ::
8. stern ::
Different Forms
gentle, gentled, gentleness, gentles, gentling, ungentle
Word Example from TV Shows
Princess, you have a gentle heart,
but this is how it's always been.

Princess, you have a GENTLE heart, but this is how it's always been.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 8

someone who's brave
and gentle and strong...

someone who's brave and GENTLE and strong...

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 6

...who survived by feasting on the flesh
of the gentle surface-dwelling Eloi.

...who survived by feasting on the flesh of the GENTLE surface-dwelling Eloi.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 14

Her gentle smile ends all strife

Her GENTLE smile ends all strife

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 6

You may cover it up and deny it,
but you have a gentle heart.

You may cover it up and deny it, but you have a GENTLE heart.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 5

English to Telugu Dictionary: gentle

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