English to Telugu Meaning of nature - ప్రకృతి

Nature :

ప్రకృతి, స్వభావాన్ని, ప్రవర్తన, అచ్చు, నాణ్యత, అలవాటు, లక్షణం, గుణముల, మేకప్, పాత్ర, ఫిగర్, సృష్టి, తరం, మూలం, ఉత్పత్తి, పుట్టుకకు, సత్యం, పరిధి, ఉండటం, సారాంశం, ఉనికి, ఆత్మ, విశ్వములో, జెనీ, గుండె, కలరింగ్, అశక్తతను, రూపకల్పనగా, ఆలోచన, మనసు, కాస్మోస్, నైరూప్య, మొత్తం, తరగతి, చదరపు, సమూహం, ప్రజాతి, విధమైన, వాస్తవికత, ప్రపంచ, కస్టమ్, చట్టబద్ధత, సంపూర్ణ ఉండటం, దేవుడు, ముగింపు, ఒమేగా, పరిమితి, బౌండరీ, పదం, నగ్న, స్వచ్ఛత, పవిత్రమైన, సమగ్రతను, కన్యత్వం, హాస్యం, సామర్థ్యాన్ని, అల్లం, వర్గం, గ్రేడ్, ప్రధాన స్వభావం

సహజ గుణాన్ని పోగొట్టడానికిdenaturesప్రకృతిస్వభావాలు
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Definitions of nature in English
Noun(1) the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized(2) a causal agent creating and controlling things in the universe(3) the natural physical world including plants and animals and landscapes etc.(4) the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes that determine a person's characteristic actions and reactions(5) a particular type of thing
Examples of nature in English
(1) It boasted of the clean and long-lasting nature of the product.(2) The tsunami may be an act of nature but humans are complicating the relief effort.(3) there's something in human nature that desires power(4) Our experience in conflicts over the past decade has revealed the changing nature of warfare.(5) Further study is necessary to elucidate the precise nature of the relationship between media exposure and cognitive development.(6) Man is a product of nature , the argument runs, but societies are contrived by men.(7) she's laid back by nature(8) The rapid transformation of warring societies into peaceful ones underscores the power of nurture over nature .(9) she has a happy nature(10) The complaints of alleged defamation are personal and political in nature .(11) Residents and the local authority said they are not opposed to a nature reserve.(12) Noise, pollution and grimaces tend to undo any good that nature has done.(13) It is from him that I gained my love of nature , my creative streak and my eye for detail.(14) He was fascinated with the idea of whether genius is the result of nature or nurture.(15) In the life of this nation, we have often been reminded that nature is an awesome force and that all life is fragile.(16) it's hard to understand due to its complex nature
Related Phrases of nature
(1) human nature ::
మానవ స్వభావము
(2) good nature ::
మంచి స్వభావం
(3) nature of business ::
పని తీరు
(4) by nature ::
ప్రకృతి ద్వారా
(5) nature reserve ::
ప్రకృతి రిజర్వ్
(6) freak of nature ::
ప్రకృతి ఫ్రీక్
(7) second nature ::
రెండవ ప్రకృతి
(8) force of nature ::
ప్రకృతి బలం
(9) state of nature ::
ప్రకృతి రాష్ట్ర
(10) wild nature ::
అడవి ప్రకృతి
1. the natural world ::
సహజ ప్రపంచం
2. essence ::
3. character ::
4. kind ::
Different Forms
denature, denatures, nature, natures
Word Example from TV Shows
the nature of your reality?

the NATURE of your reality?

Westworld Season 2, Episode 7

It's in their nature.

It's in their NATURE.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 2

"so does a woman's love calm a man's brute NATURE.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7

They're not found in nature.
You don't just dig in the ground...

They're not found in NATURE. You don't just dig in the ground...

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 4

Do you remember
the precise nature of this threat?

Do you remember the precise NATURE of this threat?

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 6

English to Telugu Dictionary: nature

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