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నది, స్ట్రీమ్, వరద, Watercourse, గంగా, పాలిచ్చే ఆవు

River    :నది


River - నది

Rivers :: నదులు


Related Words

1. the river :: నది


1. watercourse :: Watercourse

2. waterway :: జలమార్గం

3. tributary :: ఉపనది

4. stream :: స్ట్రీమ్

5. rivulet :: rivulet

6. brook :: బ్రూక్

7. inlet :: ఇన్లెట్

8. rill :: చిన్న వాగు

9. runnel :: ప్రవాహము

10. freshet :: freshet

11. bourn :: బౌర్న్చే

12. creek :: క్రీక్

Different forms

river, rivers

English to Telugu Dictionary: river
Meaning and definitions of river, translation in Telugu language for river with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of river in Telugu and in English language.

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What river means in Telugu, river meaning in Telugu, river definition, examples and pronunciation of river in Telugu language.

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