English to Telugu Meaning of stretch - కధనాన్ని

Stretch :

స్ప్రెడ్, విస్తరణ, నాళం, వ్యాకోచం, వ్యాపించడంపై, కధనాన్ని, పొడిగింపు, ఉద్రిక్తత, మంట, చేరుకోవడానికి, కొనసాగింపు, ఆక్యుపెన్సీ, గ్రహణ, పరిచయం, సామీప్యత

విస్తరించడానికి, చేరుకోవడానికి, కధనాన్ని, వచ్చేలా, పొడిగించేందుకు, ప్రచారం, విస్తరించేందుకు, స్ప్రెడ్, విస్తారంగా వర్ణించు, విస్తృతపరిచే, మోహరించేందుకు, విస్తరణను, టగ్, డ్రాగ్, ఫోర్స్, జాతి, రంగు, అతిశయంగాచెప్పు, ఓవర్డ్రా, బుట్టాలు, అతిశయోక్తిగా, విస్తరించవచ్చు, విస్తృతం, పొడిగించుకునేందుకు

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Definitions of stretch in English
Noun(1) a large and unbroken expanse or distance(2) the act of physically reaching or thrusting out(3) a straightaway section of a racetrack(4) exercise designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their full extent(5) extension to or beyond the ordinary limit(6) an unbroken period of time during which you do something(7) the capacity for being stretched
Verb(1) occupy a large, elongated area(2) extend one's limbs or muscles, or the entire body(3) extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length(4) become longer by being stretched and pulled(5) make long or longer by pulling and stretching(6) lie down comfortably(7) pull in opposite directions(8) extend the scope or meaning of; often unduly(9) corrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance; often by replacing valuable ingredients with inferior ones(10) increase in quantity or bulk by adding a cheaper substance(11) extend one's body or limbs
Adjective(1) having an elongated seating area(2) easily stretched
Examples of stretch in English
(1) He did a long stretch , and his body ached but he felt fully restored, and all he needed now was breakfast.(2) Always take time to warm up before your primary activity and finish up with a long stretch while your body is still hot and elastic.(3) I think any role is a balance between a stretch and knowing that you can do it.(4) And he has quickened his delivery off the stretch to do a better job of holding runners.(5) ÔÇÿI always look for roles that are going to stretch me,ÔÇÖ he says.(6) In fact, women are being expected to stretch themselves until they become superwomen.(7) she could feel the stretch and pull of the muscles in her legs(8) Police believe she may have heard thieves trying to break into two high-value cars, including a stretch limousine belonging to her husband, outside their house in Wembley.(9) The new concept being to feel some good pain from the stretch then relaxing and letting go, softening the stretch and your general body tension.(10) Recently it has been suggested that several different regions of titin might play a role in the sensing of stretch in muscle by binding various ligands.(11) Ensuring that her children are fed properly is a stretch .(12) To enhance the stretch , push gently above the knee on the outside of the leg, with the non-stretch leg hand.(13) Keeping your back straight, allow your upper body to lean forward until you feel a stretch in your chest and shoulders.(14) a treacherous stretch of road(15) Softer metals tend to stretch more easily, which explains the different factors in the formulas for different metals.(16) Merrion expect this would stretch the team's operational capabilities.
Related Phrases of stretch
(1) stretch out ::
(2) to stretch ::
విస్తరించటం కోసం
(3) stretch mark ::
కధనాన్ని మార్క్
(4) at a stretch ::
ఒక కధనాన్ని వద్ద
(5) stretch the truth ::
సత్యం చాచు
(6) stretch up ::
(7) stretch limo ::
స్ట్రెచ్ నిమ్మ
(8) stretch one's legs ::
ఒకరి కాళ్లు చాచు
(9) stretch of water ::
నీటి కధనాన్ని
1. expanse ::
2. period ::
6. reach ::
7. stint ::
8. be elastic ::
10. prolong ::
11. be sufficient for ::
కోసం సరిపోతుందా
12. put a strain on ::
ఒక జాతి ఉంచుతుంది
13. bend ::
14. reach out ::
15. extend ::
17. elongate ::
18. stretch out ::
19. debase ::
ముద్రణను కల్తీ
20. stretchy ::
1. abbreviate ::
2. abridge ::
3. curtail ::
4. cut ::
5. shorten ::
Different Forms
stretch, stretchable, stretched, stretcher, stretchered, stretchering, stretchers, stretches, stretching, stretchy
Word Example from TV Shows
It's difficult. You try and stretch
as an actor, do Strindberg, O'Neill...

It's difficult. You try and STRETCH as an actor, do Strindberg, O'Neill...

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 4

Now, I'm not
out of the woods yet,
not by any stretch,

Now, I'm not out of the woods yet, not by any STRETCH,

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 10

That's kind of a stretch.

That's kind of a STRETCH.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 7

- Why are you doing that?
- It's good to stretch before you run.

- Why are you doing that? - It's good to STRETCH before you run.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 2

an unmanned stretch five
miles west of here.

an unmanned STRETCH five miles west of here.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 10

English to Telugu Dictionary: stretch

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