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2. Vacuous (వ్యంగ్యంగా అనుకరించారు) :: From his face you can see nothing but a kind of goofy goodnature and the vacuous halfbaked expression of a child bewildered by all the strange things that are going on all around him
4. Vagrant (తిరుగాడు) :: The moon glows like a phosphrous on the vagrant waters
5. Vapid (నిస్సారం) :: The whole exercise is so intellectually vapid the result is meaningless
6. Variegated (రంగురంగుల) :: The 15performance festival raised a plethora of transglobal issues through variegated stimuli
8. Vehement (తీక్షణమైన) :: At the other end of the scale George Foreman remains the most vehement opponent of this whole enterprise
9. Venal (సంఘటనలే మన) :: Virtually all of the clergy are portrayed as venal and conspiratorial
10. Veneer (పొరగా) :: The units are made of plywood with a maple veneer and are attached to the wall studs
11. Venerate (స్తుతించటానికి) :: It is in your nature to be worshipped and venerated by those around you
12. Veneration (విగ్రహారాధనను) :: the traditional veneration of saints
13. Venial (సులభంగా క్షమించగలిగే) :: Maybe there is some connection here but its very odd to describe anyone as motivated by veniality
16. Veracity (కచ్చితత్వాన్ని) :: While the first one led me to question these stories veracity the second made me consider their politics
18. Verbose (మందమైన) :: Yesterday I told myself that I needed to stop teasing Kevin Keith about his verbose comments

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