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Blue - (నీలం) :: He grabs the shredded pieces of his drawing the blue fox howling at the moon

Dynamism - (చైతన్యానికి) :: With drive and dynamism you take charge at work and at home to bring order and harmony today

Illuminate - (ప్రకాశించే) :: Here he attended lectures by such illuminati as Stanley Cavell on Wittgenstein and John Rawls the theory justice

Monotone - (ఏకరీతి) :: After about five minutes he waved his hand in front of Hannahs eyes again and got the same monotone response Just one moment


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Outdoor - (బహిరంగ) :: Over the years she has tried indoor and outdoor climbing but does prefer the outdoors

Outdoors - (ఆరుబయట) :: He has agreed to oversee guest activities outdoors but he knows he is no businessman

Outer - (బాహ్య) :: She came to a stop outside the outer door to the kings privy chamber swallowing hard

Outline - (చుట్టుగీత) :: an outline of the theory of evolution

Output - (అవుట్పుట్) :: Agricultural production from the basin represents 41 per cent of the national output from rural industries


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Cant - (పరి) :: The common factor among the marchers was a rejection of cant lies and hypocrisy

Cantankerous - (దుస్వభావి) :: Later though Sammy became more cantankerous

Capacious - (తోనూ) :: The overall impression is of a man with a warm and capacious heart and an affection for others that sustained his creative enterprises to the end

Capitulate - (లొంగిపోదామని) :: But as hostilities begin these nonmilitary efforts to influence combine with military force until the regime capitulates


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Diamond (వజ్రం) :: Its body rocked slightly with the force of the faerys movement its black marbled eyes boring into Peter with all the intensity of a diamond tipped drill

Ransom (విమోచన) :: Since 1993 ransoms for western hostages have ballooned from 100000 to more than 1 million

Mensurable (mensurable) :: Continuing his interest in the theory of real functions he was awarded his doctorate in 1916 for a dissertation on singlevalued mappings and mensurability

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Adjective :: గట్టి, హృదయపూర్వక, బలమైన, ఆటపట్టించే, సారవంతమైన, ఆనందకరమైన, ముచ్చటైన, అప్బీట్, తేలి, ఎండ, సజీవ, క్రీడాంశ, పండుగ, కిచకిచలు, యవ్వన, దేవుడి ఆకర్షణీయమైన, , అందమైన, అం ద మైన, జరిమానా, మెరుగుపెట్టిన, అద్భుత
Adverb :: ఆటపట్టించే, చాలా, అత్యంత, అనూహ్యంగా, విపరీతమైన
Meaning :: ఆటపట్టించే,
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