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Europe - (యూరోప్) ::

Tender - (టెండర్) :: There is a range of juicy tender steaks and chicken dishes

Conductor - (కండక్టర్) :: This leaves the orchestra without a conductor and a musical cacophony verging on dissonance


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Remarkable - (చెప్పుకోదగిన) :: That was part of his importance and remarkableness

Remember - (గుర్తు) :: If you dont believe me ask yourself whom you remember most fondly from your childhood

Remind - (గుర్తు) :: I cant even begin to do it justice except to say that it reminds me why I fell in love with animation in the first place

Remote - (రిమోట్) :: In the near future with this type of system users would not know whether they controlled a remote microscope or a virtual microscope

Removal - (తొలగింపు) :: We received little help with finding new homes and the removal expenses we received rarely covered our costs


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Manipulative - (తారుమారు) :: Instead two distinct factors relating to manipulativeness seemed to emerge

Mannered - (సభ్యత) :: It is very mannered very strange and very much an acquired taste

Marshal - (మార్షల్) :: In order to get good action shots we often have go in front of the catch fencing from the guidance of the race marshals and if a car does go out of control it usually shunts in the tyre wall and comes to rest


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Delight (ఆనందం) :: And the grin of delight on the faces of the suppliers said it all

Facility (సౌకర్యం) :: The 60bed shortterm facility provides quality medical care while engaging in innovative education and research

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