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ఏకాగ్రత, అసెంబ్లీ, ర్యాలీ, సేకరణ, ఉండటము, కూడగట్టడానికి, కేంద్రీకరణకు, సంక్షేపణం, గడ్డకట్టించే, absorbency, engrossment, వృద్ధాప్యం
ఏకాగ్రత, మంచుకి గడ్డకట్టుట, ఏకీకరణ

Concentration    :ఏకాగ్రత


Concentration - ఏకాగ్రత

Concentrations :: సాంద్రతలు


Related Words

1. concentration camp :: ఏక్రాగత శిబిరం


1. close attention :: ధ్యాస

2. focusing ::

3. gathering :: సేకరణ

4. engrossment :: engrossment

5. density :: డెన్సిటీ

6. assiduousness ::


1. inattention :: పరాకు

Different forms

concentration, concentrations

English to Telugu Dictionary: concentration
Meaning and definitions of concentration, translation in Telugu language for concentration with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of concentration in Telugu and in English language.

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What concentration means in Telugu, concentration meaning in Telugu, concentration definition, examples and pronunciation of concentration in Telugu language.

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